Academy Awards Fail Teaches Reputation Management Lesson

Announcing the wrong winner, the consulting firm PwC was in charge of calculating all the results from the Academy Awards committee. The accountant in charge was distracted obviously during the entire process, and eventually they called out the wrong winner. This ended up bringing the company to a huge halt in terms of their reputation. The person a part of the incident who caused this, Brian Cullinan, is now currently under investigation and taken out of the review board for this. The company is facing big trouble in terms of protecting their company and brand, and today they are looking for a way to breakthrough this issue to get their company as respectable as it once was.

A simple human error can cause any business to hire the wrong employee, treat a customer wrong incidentally, among other accidents that can cause a person or even an entire company like The Academy Awards to question your quality in work. The goal is to be on guard with what you’re capable of and truly work hard at providing exemplary service to clientele and customers, not to mention know how to clean up your act. Today, the company who screwed the announcement for the Academy is looking for a way to solve this problem with their reputation.

There are online reputation management agencies who can help you protect your company and help you with getting your name on the right media channels for serious success. There are countless people who struggle when it comes down to achieving their biggest goals business-wise because they know that people know about their troubled past as a company. Just a few quick tweaks here and there can change your company. Everything from approaching the situation genuinely to curing your online reputation, these all can help you come together and build a legitimate company that knows what it’s capable of.

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  1. Brenda Jill

    July 4, 2018 2:16 pm,

    Today, this could happen to any business. Only a couple of little things could help control you on getting on that correct way and ensuring your organization. Human mistake was the reason for the issues that occurred at The Oscars for 2017. That is also something important for them best essay au and that is a very cool way for all of them to harness much of what they do know too and it makes sense for all of them too.

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