CTRMA And Their Plans To Expand Rail And Buses

Mike Heiligenstein is the director of the CTRMA, and he has spent many years ensuring that there are a number of people who may move around the state more easily. He has given the public a voice in this process, and this article explains how he is leading the CTRMA in a new direction. The CTRMA currently directs a small amount of buses and transit options, and Mike wishes to see his offerings expand.

#1: A Connected Rail Line

A connected rail line is part of the philosophy that Mike Heiligenstein believes will change the central Texas transit portal. He wants to see people getting on rail lines that are connected to Amtrak, and he believes that he may start a rail system thatcgoes from one town to another. Someone may cross the state if they need, and they will take their car off the road.

#2: More Bus Routes Are Needed

Bus routes are needed to ensure that more people have a reliable form of transportation, and Mike wishes to ensure businesses that they may see their employees arrive to work on-time. A bus system that is complete will cover many towns in the center of the state, and the buses will be much easier to use than buying a car or walking. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: http://ctxmobilitymatters.com/about-mike-heiligenstein/

#3: Asking For The Public’s Support

According to Crunchbase, Mike Heiligenstein wishes to have the support of the public before he makes any major moves, and he believes that the choices he makes will help the communities in the center of the state will benefit because they may share what they want. Each town may be given a version of what it believes it needs, and they will help grow their own economies quite quickly.

#4: The State Is Growing Quite A Lot

Texas will continue to grow whether Mike has pushed through new transportation options or not, and he knows that he must keep pace with a state that will break records for growth every year. He wants all the people who live in his region to have transportation options that will help them save money, and he wishes to give the people of central Texas a modern way to travel.

Modernizing all of central Texas is part of what Mike Heiligenstein has in-mind. He will show the people that there is a way to put in the rail lines they need, add bus lines and change the way people travel.

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