Daniel Taub and his Faith in Communities

In 2014, the MP of Western Bradford George Galloway declared in a speech that the area of Bradford a zone free of Israel. A few days later, Israel’s ambassador to Britain visited Bradford.

In an interview, Ambassador Daniel Taub shared that his visit was due to a multitude of invitation to meeting with faith leaders, counselors, as well as other groups.

As a result, Daniel Taub was met with the truth that although the speech by George Galloway was one of exclusion, the community of Bradford was, in fact, inclusive. The views and attitudes that George Galloway had been promoting did not align with those of the community of the town.

The speech had social repercussions as well. The police launched an investigation against the MP, and after the speech was posted on the internet, there was an intense uproar on all social media platforms against the views that he had been promoting.

Daniel Taub answered wisely and directed his words to George Galloway to realize that the conflict is between the past and the future instead of between religions. Daniel Taub called on to George Galloway to join the efforts to create a better future instead of to try and drag communities back into the past. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://www.bloomberg.com/authors/AC5IR9iOgJI/daniel-taub

George Galloway is known for his bigotry against Israel. He has stormed out of debate rooms purely to avoid speaking to Israeli opponents.

Ambassador Daniel Taub has a long history of establishing strong connections between opposing sides. He has excellent negotiating skills and a calm demeanor. He counters conflicts with wise suggestions and takes into consideration the interests of both sides.

Daniel Taub was in office from June 2011 up until September 2015. He was succeeded by Mark Regev who is the current Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom. Up to date, Daniel Taub is director of strategy and planning for the Yad Hanadiv Foundation based in Jerusalem.

Daniel Taub has experience as a diplomat, an international lawyer, as well as a writer. He was born and raised in Britain. After he completed his tenure, Daniel Taub traveled to Israel where he is currently working at the foundation.

The alma mater of Daniel Taub is well educated. He attended the Oxford University as well as at the Harvard University. After he had completed his higher education, Daniel Taub served as combat medicine IDF (Israel Defense Forces).

Daniel Taub has also worked for President Chaim Herzog as his speechwriter. In 1991, Daniel Taub became an integral part of the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Daniel Taub is respected for his skills as a negotiator. He was an active part of the peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

Up to date, Daniel Taub lives in Israel with his wife and their six children.

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