Norman Pattiz: Wake Up Early and Be Engaged in All Activities

Norman Pattiz is a recognized name in radio broadcasting industry. Pattiz is also the founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne. With over 40 years of experience in radio syndication, Norman Pattiz has managed to serve on various boards including the famous Broadcasting Board of Governors. During his tenure, he oversaw the launch of American Arabic television and radio service in 22 countries in the Middle East. He uses his entrepreneurial skills to identify a gap in the industry and skillfully exploit it. The Westwood One capitalizes on his ability to identify talents, a skill that enables his company to have the best radio hosts with huge fan bases.


In an interview with Ideamensch, Pattiz opened up about his early career, his mentors and the strategies he uses to become successful. The Beverly Hills resident also identified the challenges facing the broadcasting industry. Being a successful entrepreneur, his ideas, pieces of advice and strategies are worth noting.


Essential Tips to Note from Pattiz


To Pattiz there are no typical days. Every day is unique and different from each other. He actively involves himself in all the activities of his company. He says that his company is small and thus he has to participate in everything including technology, ad sales, and talent acquisition. Excellent execution of your ideas will determine if you succeed or fail. Although it is wise to listen to different ideas and assess them to define the best, the capacity to implement is the precursor to succeed.


Although his company seems successful, this has not come on silver late. According to Pattiz, the industry has some ‘gatekeeper’ that pose a challenge to the content transmission. However, he appreciates the democracy in the content transmission that gives endless opportunities to transmit content to their listeners and viewers. As proof of his excellent track record, Pattiz said that he has never had a bad career and given a chance to start again, he would do nothing differently.


Reading trades is no longer useful with the increased use of technology in all industries. Pattiz advises entrepreneurs to be wary of what they read because everybody is an expert and they may end up getting misleading information. He further advises that being the first one to wake up and the last one to bed can be helpful to a determined entrepreneur.


During the interview, Pattiz could not fail to acknowledge his mentors and role models. Although they have all passed, he believes that Bill Paley, Steve Ross, and Dan Miller made him who he is now.

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