Paul Mampilly: The Investment Wizard

Paul Mampilly is a true veteran when it comes to the investment industry. After thriving in investing for more than three decades the proven vet has likely forgotten more about the industry than most will ever learn. Knowing he has something useful to offer to every day Americans Mampilly decided to share his tricks of the trades.

Banyan Hill Publishing signed Mampilly to the company as an author to start of Profits Unlimited. The independent publishing company specifically focuses on publishing research advisories and investment newsletters making it the perfect publishing house to market Mampilly’s widely informational Profits Unlimited.

Because of Mampilly’s successful background as a former hedge fund manager on Wall Street’s competitive circuit the newsletter has already become a major hit among subscribers to Banyan Hill. The newsletter itself has quickly amassed a loyal subscriber base and is still growing. It’s current number of subscribers is over 60,000.

Mampilly’s subscribers eagerly await his next newsletter in which he recommends a new stock he thinks will be profitable and even follows the success of the stock on his website. Surprisingly Mampilly’s subscribers buy stocks in their own brokerage accounts instead of Paul Mampilly investing their stocks for them, which is the usual method. Many of Mampilly’s stock recommendations are thriving and have become quite profitable.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is living proof of the American Dream. He immigrated from his homeland of India as a young man and worked hard to become one of the best in his field. His track record from an investing stand point is tough to overlook. He has held prominent positions in both Banker’s Trust and ING.

Life working on Wall Street quickly became old to Mampilly however. He retired from the scene in his early forties. These days he is more concerned with his monthly newsletter and helping average Americans acquire wealth.