Penelope Kokkinides and InnovaCare Health

Penelope is InnovaCare’s administrative officer. She rejoined InnovaCare in June 2015. She had occupied the positions of COO and vice president of InnovaCare’s clinical operations.


Penelope Kokkinides went to Binghamton University where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in ‘biological sciences and classical languages’. She later went to New York University where she graduated with a ‘master’s degree in social work’. She has also mastered in ‘alcohol and substance abuse’ and another master’s in ‘public health’.

Entrepreneurial Talk

Asked about the one thing that she would recommend others in the business world to adopt, Penelope says being informed is a big step in the right direction. Researching, reading articles and books helps sharpen the business mind. When entrepreneurs know their environment they are better placed to make decisions and strategic moves.

Strategy for Business Growth

Penelope Kokkinides underlines that organization and good structured movements and decisions are the driving force for good business. Thinking ahead and prioritizing also inform good business practices. View her infographic resume at

Must Read

Upon being asked about the book she would recommend others to read, she stated unflinchingly that Simon Sinek’s ‘Start With Why’ would be the first. Simon instead of focusing on who, what and when, lays emphasis on the why. Penelope also encourages people to check his TED talk on the subject.

Influence on Philosophy

When asked which people or organizations had influenced her thinking, she said STAT News inspires her owing to the way they approach matters of healthcare. Their perspective, she said, was analytical and driven by fact which makes it unique. On social media Penelope she said she followed reporters from news outlets like CNN, Politico and Becker’s.

Rick Shinto Awards

Rick Shinto has earned the respect of many in the profession. He was in 2012 celebrated when he received the ‘Ernst & Young Entrepreneur’ award of the year. This was an award he was given in recognition of his excellence in financial performance and innovation. He was also awarded for his commitment to his community and business enterprise.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare is a health care business with a difference. The mission statement is enough to warm clients to this facility. The mission is to ‘meet the challenges of the complex healthcare’ system. The vision spells out that the facility is focused on ensuring a strong relationship with patients. According to, the values at InnovaCare include: quality care, prioritizing on patients, growing the organization, team building and best practices in the management of health care.

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