Securus Technologies Has Made Corrections Facilities Safer

Securus Technologies is one of the top inmate communication and corrections facility secure communication providers in the US. They’ve put together elaborate systems that use biometric and analytical tools to investigate crimes, or investigate behavioral patterns to try and prevent crimes from happening. Recently, the company decided to disclose letters they had received about how their software prevented crime, and protected innocent individuals.


In one instance, Securus Technologies Investigator Pro tools helped authorities find a corrupt corrections officer who was aiding dangerous inmates. It also helped another facility find several calls about illegal drug sales within the facility, calls about shots fired, and illegal prescription drug sales outside. Another phone call captured information from a conversation visitors were having about a local crime that had happened, and it became instrumental for local authorities in the investigation. Securus software even helped one sheriff’s department locate missing drug money and illegal funds.


Securus Technologies has been building inmate communication systems since 1986, and is based in Dallas, TX. Securus has provided prepay phone card options and direct billing to try and ease the burden on inmates and their families, and even has a kiosk system that allows families to send funds for inmates to deposit. They’ve even rolled out a tablet program that only grants inmates access to permitted information, including allowing them to signup for college courses and download permitted electronic media. But families can also visit incarcerated loved ones when traveling becomes difficult, and share events over the holidays and special moments such as birthdays through Securus’s video visitation program. Inmates are given access to a camera and video screen, and anyone who has a webcam and internet connection can talk directly to them.


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  1. Greta Peyton

    July 23, 2017 12:42 am,

    This program has been a tremendous help to inmates by offering more visiting time and encouraging them to remain strong while incarcerated. This is indeed going to be fantastic and may have had the requirements rebuffed once again.

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